Update for 2022

I just released this little beauty, original melody hailing from the UK.  I have always been particularly drawn to folk music, often inspired by the beauty that stems from people from a time before commercial realities and industry.  Enjoy ‘Sweetness When She’s Smiling’

Great news! “Rush” my Saxophone Quartet (2012) is now re-released and is available on all current streaming platforms.  To mark the special event, I have also created an Anime style music video on YouTube – enjoy!

And we are LIVE!  I’ve just released ‘Calm – Trio for Flute, Violin and Harp’ which I wrote way back in 2017 for my wife, Emily.  It was premiered at our wedding, you can listen to it on all of your favourite streaming platforms and on YouTube – thanks to everyone who helped make this one happen – enjoy!



Check me out on multiple platforms ===> https://linktr.ee/michaelbakrnchev

I’ve just completed a video for my first official release! Stay tuned

Discussions have been had for three new commissions (String Orchestra, Organ & Orchestra (possibly)), which I am very excited about, but, these things do take time to plan and prepare for all involved.

I saw Bela Bartok’s ‘Contrasts’ recently, performed by members of the MSO including Philip Arkinstall (Associate Principal) and I was highly impressed by his rendition, so much so that it has inspired me to write a new work featuring Philip. What that piece looks and sounds like yet, is yet to be determined – one is only limited by their imagination.

I’ve been busy over the last 12 months or so securing agreements with various institutions, ensembles and organisations to acquire the rights to release master recordings of my works.

I recently wrote an article about my experiences of being a composer – you can read it here: https://www.cutcommonmag.com/is-it-worth-being-a-composer-in-australia/

“Calm” (2017) for Flute, Violin & Harp (~9’00”) has just been mixed and mastered, I will be releasing it formally soon. I am really excited about sharing my music with the world.

I recently completed my ‘Fantasy for Cor Anglais & Piano’ (~9’00”), which will be premiered at the International Chamber Music Festival in Plovdiv, with repeat performances in Gevgelija (Days of Macedonian Music Festival) and Melbourne (Australasian Double Reed Society Festival).

Premiere performance of my “Elegy” for piano, at the Brisbane Music Festival by Alex Raineri  (Brisbane)

Releases of new and old works coming soon

Have begun re-connecting with people, and making new friendships/musical discoveries.

Update for 2021

Premiere performance of “Hustle” commissioned by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra – raving review in Limelight magazine  (Sydney 2021) Purchase the score here via the Australian Music Centre.

Slipped disc, June, emergency dept. July (on my birthday!), baby no. 2 born 5th August (went into lockdown that afternoon), wife bossed it – was offered panadol and turned it down (!wtf!) – have been in recovery/rehab ever since – but my girls’ smiles makes any pain go away instantly

“Czardas” for orchestra, (composed 2018), was performed by the Toowoomba Concert Orchestra! They’re a great band, lead by Matthew Henry.

Update for 2020

Had to pack up abruptly, end our lease, and move my family from the South East back to my (beloved at least) Northern suburbs at the start of the Pandemic. Pretty much life stopped.  All income stopped very rapidly. All music stopped. Somehow, ^luckily^, managed to land a full time job working for – get this – a private property development broker. The only good thing that came out of that experience was saving up enough money to put down a deposit for a house.

Update for 2019

I wrote a piece for solo piano called “no such thing” commissioned by Alex Raineri.  It was for his concert titled “Bloodpaths”.  The work is only around 2 minutes in length or so, and it was strung together with several other composers which then created a longer work, made all the more dramatic and exciting by having a dancer dance to the music.  It was premiered in Brisbane, and I really wish I got to see it.

no such thing can be purchased via the Australian Music Centre.

I called it that, because of the divide between ethnic groups who deny each others existence. We all know it happens everywhere, and yes it 100% happens every day here in Australia.  For example, when I was a child growing up in Melbourne, a few of the Greek kids would ask me where I was from, (Australia obviously) – and when I replied ‘Macedonia’, they would taunt “no such thing!” (meaning, Macedonia, does not exist) – the irony, being, that in 2022, any Greek will tell me that Macedonia – is – Greek, and therefore, I – am (and my entire family, and all my friends) are – Greek.  Don’t you love the Balkans – even here in Melbourne, where my family sought refuge to escape all of that nonsense in the 1960’s!  I hate getting all ‘p’ (can’t even bring myself to have that word on my website!) – to my fellow Balkanero’s – just drink some rakija, dance an oro and grow some piperki would you!

Update for 2018

Melbourne based Pianist, Hoang Pham, commissioned me to arrange Rahmaninov’s Concerto no. 2 for Piano and Addinsell’s Warsaw Concerto which was an eye opening experience in terms of orchestration & study of a great composer and composition.  I really admire Hoang, and his generous spirit.   You can purchase the score here via the Australian Music Centre.

The Southern Cross Soloists, released an album titled ‘I’ll Walk Beside You’. I was tasked with making several arrangements including Tchaikovsky’s None But The Lonely Heart, two absolutely gorgeous Maori folk song melodies, and Klezmer Dances which I have to say, the performers just went to town on embellishing the interpretative nature of the work – just stunning.  You can listen to the full album on Spotify here, and you can purchase the scores here via the Australian Music Centre

I was selected to represent Australia at the Asian Composers’ League Festival and was invited to stay in Taiwan (Taipei). I had an absolute blast, time of my life, traveling alone to a foreign country, exploring, and hanging out with one of my favourite Australian composers, Andrian Pertout – what a legend.  My work was for Clarinet and Viola, you can purchase the score here via the Australian Music Centre.

I was selected for the Ku-Ring-Gai composer development program, having the opportunity to write a work for feedback from Australian composer, Matthew Hindson – who’s work I truly admire and am going to be revisiting again soon.  My only regret is that due to my wife being so close to giving birth to our first born daughter, I couldn’t make it to Sydney for the workshop –  in terms of my personal development as a composer, it was the worst thing that could have happened.  I sincerely hope I can meet Matthew and work with that wonderful orchestra again.

The work I wrote for them was ‘Czardas’ which is a cool 9/8 piece (2223) which is a perfect introduction to additive rhythm & ‘Balkan’ time signatures for orchestral ensembles.  You can purchase the score here, via the Australian Music Centre.

Began sketches of ‘Elegy’ for piano.

Update for 2017

Commission by Syzygy Ensemble (Melbourne)
Commission by Plexus Ensemble (Melbourne)
Commission by Toowoomba Trio (Toowoomba, Qld)
Commission by Southern Cross Soloists (Brisbane, Qld)
Premiere – Duo for Soprano Saxophone & Organ (Kazan, Russia)
Premiere – Flute Concerto (Belgium, Commissioned and performed by Maddi Goodwin)
Premiere – 4 Characteristic Pieces for Pedalier (Switzerland)
Sky Jammer selected to be commercially recorded by the Brno Philharmonic in their Orchestral Masters release.

Multiculturalism, Indigenous culture & Spirituality … Michael has recently completed his first Flute Concerto, generously commissioned by Maddilyn Goodwin and the Australian Cultural Fund. It will be premiered in Belgium, 2017. For further information, and to make a donation – please visit: www.asunburntcountryproject.com


SKY JAMMER – what was said

An interview at Partial Durations, with Matthew Lorenzon

An article with Realtime Arts 

A blog with Cut Common Press Magazine

A local traveler’s blog entry  which includes possibly my favourite line about my music ever:  “Of the two recent Australian compositions, my favourite was ‘Sky Jammer’ by young composer Michael Bakrncev, an astringent nightmare of tower-blocks, with some very effective orchestration.”

Critic says

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) write up

2015 – Michael’s nomination by Robert Sazdov, for 40 under 40 inspiring individuals in the Macedonian Diaspora – You can read the full list of selected individuals here.