Free Folk Music

M. Bakrnčev

Traditional Folk Dances

The 1st Chamber Collection


Traditional Folk Dances – The 1st Chamber Collection, is available for free, which includes the full (transposed) score, piano accompaniment and solo part.  Simply click on your instrument below, print & play.

Bakrnčev’s Traditional Folk Dances – The 1st Chamber Collection – are an excellent resource and fascinating example of traditional Macedonian folk dance brought into the modern era, which most musicians, audiences and programs will find accommodating. Each piece has been carefully selected and arranged from a large collection of folk dance material (mostly from Gjorgi Dimčevski’s Vie Se Oro Makedonsko) to suit each instrument of the orchestra with piano accompaniment.  From melodically soothing 18/16 bassoon lines, vigorous 9/8 wedding dances for xylophone, Turkish Ottoman stylistic court music for Tuba through to a dazzling Roma dance for Viola. The collection includes 16 short dances which provide enough intrigue and variety to delight the young and old who are lovers of classical music, yet are always enthusiastic to hear something different and new.

What to do next … please share this with your friends, colleagues, students and members in your community by copying and pasting the URL and sending it to them via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, it would be greatly appreciated by Michael who has worked strenuously on creating this collection.

Please send a recording of your performance via the contact page, as we would love to share your talent with the world!


Folk Dance No. 1 – Flute – Berovka
Folk Dance No. 2 – Oboe – Petorka
Folk Dance No. 3 – Clarinet – Pushtenoto
Folk Dance No. 4 – Bassoon – Bajrache

Folk Dance No. 5 – French Horn – Mashko Oro
Folk Dance No. 6 – Trumpet – Toptan Toptan
Folk Dance No. 7 – Trombone – Tsrnogorka

Folk Dance No. 8 – Tuba – Adana

Folk Dance No. 9 – Xylophone – Bukovsko Svadbarsko Oro
Folk Dance No. 10 – Timpani – Staro Tikveshko

Folk Dance No. 11 – Harp – Drachevka
Folk Dance No. 12 – Piano – Sarakjinskoto

Folk Dance No. 13 – Violin – Potrchano
Folk Dance No. 14 – Viola – Romska
Folk Dance No. 15 – Cello – Beranche
Folk Dance No. 16 – Contrabass – Krshalmi



Please note that Traditional Folk Dances – The 1st Orchestral Collection – will be made available in 2017.