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Sky Jammer

“…industrial, urban & dense – the type of music that grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let you go”

Translations for Orchestra

“…Warning: not for the weak! Inspired by and dedicated to Malala Yousefzai, this work highlights the strength, wisdom and courage of Malala, the hardships she faces and the power of an individual’s voice.”


“…the most frequently performed orchestral work by an Australian from his generation.”

Se Navali Shar Planina

“…an exceptional arrangement for female vocalist and orchestra. This highly melodic, and extremely popular folk song, is the perfect point of difference every orchestral program needs”

201 Dreams & Their Interpretations

“…this work transports you to another world, taking the listener on a journey, to a far away place – complete with highs, lows, drama, tension and captivating folk melodic interactions.”

The Death of Pythagoras, at Metapontum

“…the ultimate musical work describing pivotal moments in the father of philosophy’s life. From heroic deeds, bizarre teaching methods through to a meditation about his tragic and lonely death.”

Folktales from GJ832c

“…an intense noise study that will shake the foundations of any room”

The Youngster’s Guide to the Audacious Avian

“…an exciting and engaging work for the little ones, complete with picture book by famous Australian children’s author, Narelle Oliver – best performed with narrator, large-screen projection & a costume or two”